Closed loop asphalt recycling solution


ULTIFOAM is a closed loop asphalt recycling solution. It is a solution that allows for the recycling of asphalt planings.

Where sustainability and waste management are the priority, ULTIFOAM offers the ultimate in closed-loop road reconstruction. By using proven foamed bitumen and cold paving technology, ULTIFOAM enables road arisings to be used in sub-surface reconstruction. As a result it offers savings in both transport and disposal costs. It also offers major environmental benefits from reductions in the use of energy and primary aggregates. 

ULTIFOAM is only available for installation by our own expert Contracting division who evaluate each site to make sure our clients get the right solution and then deliver it to the highest industry standards.


Where can ULTIFOAM be used?

Closed loop asphalt recycling on major projects

ULTIFOAM technology has been used successfully on major projects like A11 Fiveways to Thetford, to allow local or on-site reprocessing of asphalt planings and use in construction of new roads.

Local asphalt recycling for highway maintenance

ULTIFOAM allows local authorities to recycle asphalt planings from their road network and use them elsewhere in road reconstruction. This improves sustainability and reduces disposal costs.

Closed loop asphalt recycling on secure sites

Using site-processed recycled asphalt planing can help reduce transport requirements and simplify logistics when resurfacing secure sites like runways.


Additional info

ULTIFOAM provides a proven method of recycling asphalt planings to produce a highly consistent paving material that can be used in pavement construction. 

ULTIFOAM recycled asphalt with cement binder for immediate use.

ULTIFOAM recycled asphalt with lime binder for long term storage.

ULTIFOAM helps project managers by allowing local or mobile, on-site processing or asphalt planings. This can help them to simplify logistics, reduce both outbound and inbound vehicle movements, reduce waste disposal costs and improve the sustainability of their projects.

When processed correctly, asphalt planings are a valuable resource containing aggregate and bitumen binder that can be used in the construction of new roads. Technology like ULTIFOAM is helping UK highways engineers to move towards a circular economy and a more sustainable future.

Case studies

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