Flexible, crack resisting polymer modified asphalt for highly trafficked roads


ULTILAYER is a flexible, crack resisting PMB asphalt for highly trafficked roads. 

Highways England and local authorities spend millions of pounds on repair and maintenance work every year. Despite this, on difficult sites the same problems continue to recur, often within months of the work being completed. 

To meet this challenge Tarmac has developed ULTILAYER, a high performance asphalt to provide enhanced resistance to reflective cracking and road surface deformation. A proven alternative to conventional bituminous road surfacing materials, ULTILAYER combines outstanding flexibility and strength to deliver long-term durability, even on the most difficult sites where conventional materials have failed. 

ULTILAYER is available as a warm mix asphalt using Tarmac's ULTILOW binder technology, for up to 15% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions.

ULTILAYER is one of Tarmac's Ultimate range of high performance asphalts.


Where can ULTILAYER be used?

Prevent deformation and cracking on bus lanes and busy roads

For highly trafficked bus lanes or on busy major roads or city streets, the polymer modified binder in ULTILAYER provides the safety and strength to prevent repeated surface deformation and cracking.

Improve durability on roundabouts

The properties of 10mm ULTILAYER make it ideal for challenging locations such as heavily trafficked roundabouts that need to resist high stresses.

Faster resurfacing for problematic roads

ULTILAYER is able to help withstand the pressure of constant heavy traffic and compensate for movement in underlying concrete layers and the ground beneath the road.


Guarantees and accreditation


*5 year guarantee potentially available through our accredited contractor scheme

Additional info

Use ULTILATER for enhanced resistance to reflective cracking. Reflective cracking is caused by movement in underlying concrete layers, poor foundation or movement of the underlying ground. This is particularly a problem in evolved carriageways which were not designed to carry today's heavy traffic loadings or where concrete has been overlaid with asphalt, but continues to move either through thermal movements or as a result of poor foundations. If left untreated reflective cracks can allow water into the pavement causing further weakening of the entire structure. ULTILAYER is more flexible than conventional asphalt due to the elasticity of the PMB. As a result, the risk of reflective cracking damaging roads that have been resurfaced or reconstructed with ULTILAYER is significantly reduced.

ULTILAYER provides improved resistance to pavement deformation. Much of the UK’s aging road network was not built for today’s traffic volumes. Increased traffic levels, heavy loads and the use of super single tyres can cause rutting along the wheelpaths, increasing the risk of accidents for both road users and pedestrians. ULTILAYER provides a stronger, more durable road surface, reducing the risk of deformation reoccurring.

At Tarmac, technical excellence comes as standard. ULTILAYER is only available for installation by our accredited contractors who have full access to our expert training, advice and technical support or by the our own expert Contracting division. This ensures it is laid to the highest industry standards.

ULTILAYER is available in the following variants.

ULTILAYER 6 Low traffic volumes, housing estates, car parks 0.8 - 1.0

ULTILAYER 10 Higher traffic volumes, higher stress 1.0 - 1.2

ULTILAYER 14 Higher traffic volumes, higher speed, medium stress 1.2 - 1.4

ULTILAYER 20 Housing estates, deeper construction 100mm inlay alternative 1.4 - 1.6 note that thickness can be increased up to approximately 100mm, but caution should be taken with regard to ride quality and compaction.

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