Pothole repair cold-lay asphalt for fast, permanent road repairs


ULTIPATCH Pothole is a fast, effective highway repair asphalt. 

ULTIPATCH Pothole is BBA HAPAS accredited, cold lay asphalt, designed for small scale road repairs. The modern binder technology makes it easy to compact enabling quick, effective repairs in all weather conditions. It can be instantly opened to traffic meaning less disruption to road users and improved productivity for highway maintenance teams. 

ULTIPATCH Pothole is available in bags, tubs and bulk deliveries.



Where can ULTIPATCH Pothole be used?

Repair asphalt for roads

ULTIPATCH Pothole is ideal for the permanent repair of roads and reinstatement of asphalt surfaces after installation and repair of carriageway ironwork such as manholes and drains.

Repair asphalt for car parks

ULTIPATCH Pothole BBA HAPAS cold lay repair asphalt can be used for the permanent repair of car parks and reinstatement of asphalt after installation of drains and manholes.

Planned maintenance and unplanned repairs

ULTIPATCH Pothole is a BBA HAPAS cold lay repair asphalt and is ideal to be used as part of planned routine maintenance and for use during reactive repairs.

Why use ULTIPATCH Pothole?

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ULTIPATCH Pothole is available in 25kg weatherproof bags, in re-usable plastic tubs and in bulk deliveries.

Bagged cold lay repair asphalt in a 25kg bag for permanent repairs.  

Repair asphalt in a 25kg tub for permanent repairs. 

For bulk deliveries contact your local Tarmac regional office, see the contacts section of this website.

ULTIPATCH Pothole is a HAPAS approved permanent cold lay surfacing asphalt designed to be the perfect solution for carriageway repairs all year round.

ULTIPATCH Pothole consists of a high PSV 6mm aggregate and a specialist bitumen binder that has been formulated to give the ultimate performance in all weather conditions. Upon compaction the graded aggregate is designed to interlock and bind tightly together, which means no further curing time is required and the repair instantly trafficable.

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