Site mixed asphalt for use with mobile asphalt heaters


Fresh asphalt on demand. ULTIPATCH SITEMIX site-mixed asphalt provides you with exactly the right quantity of fresh asphalt, whenever and wherever you need it. This makes it suitable for busy urban locations or remote areas with no access to asphalt plants.  

The ULTIPATCH SITEMIX range of asphalts has been developed specifically for use with low volume mobile asphalt heaters for on-site heating/ mixing and to meet the requirements of existing asphalt specifications.  

ULTIPATCH SITEMIX helps to reduce waste from highways maintenance operations for a more sustainable approach. This innovative product won Highways Industry Product of the Year at the Highways Awards 2018.



Where can ULTIPATCH Sitemix be used?

Asphalt for mobile asphalt heaters

ULTIPATCH SITEMIX has been specifically formulated as a bagged asphalt to be used with mobile asphalt heaters.

Bagged asphalt for mobile asphalt heaters 

ULTIPATCH SITEMIX asphalt can be used with trailer mounted asphalt heaters, avoiding the need to collect asphalt from plants.

Site mixed asphalt

ULTIPATCH SITEMIX is the ideal asphalt product for use in remote areas where an asphalt plant is not nearby.

Why use ULTIPATCH Sitemix?

Additional info

ULTIPATCH SITEMIX is an example of Tarmac’s approach to providing innovative solutions to meet customer needs. Comprehensive technical support is available to our customers to assist with the most pressing current problems and to address future needs.

ULTIPATCH SITEMIX is available in the following configurations.

  • 6mm Dense Site Mixed Asphalt – 20 kg bag
  • 10mm Close Graded surface course asphalt - 20kg bag
  • 20mm Dense binder course asphalt - 20 kg bag
  • 10mm stone mastic asphalt (SMA) - 20 kg bag
  • 35/14 Hot rolled Asphalt (HRA) - 20 kg bag

ULTIPATCH SITEMIX is just one Tarmac's many innovative asphalt solutions.


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