New generation of porous asphalt for driveways, car parks, footpaths and public spaces

ULTIPOROUS is a fast-draining porous asphalt solution for driveways, car parks, footpaths and public spaces in both residential and commercial environments. It combines excellent drainage characteristics with proven long term durability.  

It is a hard wearing porous asphalt that eliminates the problem of surface water whilst meeting relevant local planning requirements. Supplied as a 6mm asphalt surface course for driveways or a 10mm surface course for car parks. ULTIPOROUS asphalt uses advanced binder technology, and when used in conjunction with a specially designed porous binder course, provides effective drainage, whilst maintaining long term durability.


Where can ULTIPOROUS be used?

Porous asphalt for all weather driveways

ULTIPOROUS asphalt meets planning requirements for sustainable drainage and avoids puddles and standing water to provide a fast draining, all weather driveway surface.

Porous asphalt for car parks

ULTIPOROUS asphalt provides a safe, fast draining, all weather surface for residential, retail and commercial car parks to avoid puddles and standing water.

Porous asphalt for safe, all weather footpaths

ULTIPOROUS asphalt is a safe and sustainable paving solution for footpaths that eliminates surface water and ice for improved safety.


Additional info

Traditional paved surfaces are laid to shed water. Unfortunately this can mean that drains are quickly overwhelmed after heavy rainfall. As a result, planning rules increasingly require proposals for large paved areas to include measures to reduce the risk of localised flooding. ULTIPOROUS  asphalt has an open structure which means that rainwater quickly flows into the asphalt structure and is then slowly released into the ground, helping to avoid standing water and flooding.

For driveways: 6mm porous surface course (recommended at 30mm thickness) suitable for hand lay. 20mm porous binder course.

For footpaths & cycleways: 6mm porous surface course (recommended at 30mm thickness) suitable for hand lay. 20mm porous binder course.

For car parks: 10mm porous surface course (recommended at 35mm thickness). 20mm or 32mm porous binder course.

Specialist base aggregate:
Tarmac’s ULTIFLOW sub-base aggregate is recommended, for a complete permeable pavement solution.

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