Tarmac cement

Leading suppliers of specialist cementitious solutions and packed cements. 

Tarmac offer a range of pioneering packed products, manufactured with specific applications in mind, promoting ease of use, reduced wastage and high levels of performance. Our Innovative and time-saving solutions includes Cements, Ready-to-use products and additives. 

Our blended Portland cements, combine excellent workability with enhanced performance characteristics. 


The standard in cementitious solutions 

Pozament offers an off-the-shelf standard range of products as well as own label formulations and bespoke solutions. 

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Pozament, our specialist construction brand, delivers high quality, cementitious product design to meet any specification. Our R&D team designs each product individually down to the last detail, and we lead the industry with our rigorous quality control. So, whether you need a specialist tunnel grout or a high strength cement, our formulations help you achieve outstanding results – quickly and safely.