Self compacting concrete


Topflow is a self compacting with a free flowing consistency that allows it to be poured quickly and effortlessly into any type of formwork to provide an exceptional, highly aesthetic finish.

This ready mixed self compacting concrete enables fast, efficient construction of floor slabs, foundations and vertical concrete structures like walls and pillars. By avoiding the need for manual compaction and finishing it can help reduce programme time and also helps to reduce health and safety risk and improve working conditions on site.

Topflow self compacting concrete comes in several different variants which includes:

  • Topflow Horizontal self compacting concrete for floor slabs
  • Topflow Trenchflow self compacting concrete for fast, efficient construction of foundations and footings
  • Topflow Architectural self compacting concrete for a high quality finish on vertical elements like walls and pillars
  • Topflow Precast self compacting concrete for precast manufacturing and construction

Topflow can also be supplied with specialist admixtures to produce a range of high performance mixes including:

  • Lower carbon self compacting concrete, with cement replacement technology
  • Colour-pigmented self compacting concrete
  • Waterproof self compacting concrete
  • Fibre reinforced self compacting concrete

Self compacting concrete for commercial buildings

Self-compacting, fibre reinforced concrete for metal deck construction


Self compacting concrete for house building

Fast, efficient construction of concrete floor slabs


Where can Topflow be used?

Self compacting concrete for faster completion of floor slabs

Topflow self compacting concrete enables fast, efficient construction of high quality floor slabs for residential and commercial buildngs.

Self compacting concrete for house building

Topflow concrete helps to save time and improve productivity for house builders. It can also help them to reduce noise and dust, improving working conditions and site safety.

Self compacting concrete structural topping for block and beam floor construction

Topflow iconcrete is ideal for use as an NHBC compliant structural topping over expanded polystyrene (EPS) block & beam floors (see technical datasheet below).

Pumped self compacting concrete for large scale pours

The free flowing consistency and self compacting properties of Topflow concrete make it well suited to large vertical or horizontal pours to save time and get the best possible surface finish.

Self compacting concrete for foundations and footings

Topflow self compacting concrete saves time spent on foundations and footings to improve on-site productivity.

Self compacting concrete for  composite metal deck construction

Topflow concrete can be used for fast, efficient completion of floor slabs using composite deck construction (rib metal decking).

Self compacting concrete for complex formwork

Topflow self compacting concrete flows easily around complex formwork, avoiding the risk of blockages or voids and delivering a high quality finish. 

Self compacting concretes with less embodied carbon

By using cement repolacement technology, Topflow self compacting concretes can be supplied with a reduced carbon footprint.

High quality finish on architectural exposed concrete

Topflow Vertical self compacting concrete is designed to produce a high quality finish on bare concrete surfaces like walls, floors,  columns, pillars and archways.

Self compacting concrete for construction of retail and office floors

Topflow can help reduce programme times when constructing floor slabs  in office and retail developmennts.

Self compacting concrete for steel  reinforced structures

As a free flowing self compacting concrete, Topflow flows easily around steel reinforcement, reducing the risk of voids.

Self compacting concrete for piling

The free flowing characteristics of Topflow self compacting concrete make it suitable for use in piling installation. 

Why use Topflow?

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Topflow can be poured quickly, is free-flowing and can spread effortlessly to provide an exceptional, highly aesthetic finish. Topflow comes in several different variants which includes Topflow Architectural, Topflow Horizontal, Topflow Precast, Topflow Concrete and Topflow Trenchflow.

Topflow Architectural provides exceptional quality on vertical applications. Omit with no remedial work. The Topflow mix is specified and designed for each project. Placing techniques and strength can also be tailored to suit project requirements. Topflow Architectural uses advanced technology for the highest surface quality. The high fluidity of this concrete mix replicates the shape and texture of formwork to match complex design applications.

Topflow Concrete is designed to flow easily through congested heavily reinforced areas. It meets the demands of all construction types. Topflow Concrete is self-compacting and can be used in all mass fill concrete foundation applications. This free-flowing concrete is also available in eco mixes.

Topflow Trenchflow reduces labour overheads, permitting the flexible use of labour onsite. Delivered in highly fluid form with high deformability, Topflow Trenchflow allows quick changes of direction and easy flow around the foundation trench. This self-compacting concrete is ideal for use in all mass fill concrete foundation applications. Topflow Trenchflow can be formulated to meet up to DC-3 sulphate resistance classification. Eco mixes are also available.

Topflow Horizontal enables the rapid and effortless construction of slabs and floors. With high finishing characteristics, surface quality eliminates the use of power floating. Floor finish tolerance to BS 8204-1 SR2

Topflow Precast concrete has been specifically developed to suit the demands of precasting. This bespoke solution can be tailored to individual requirements. Using advanced technology, this precast concrete solution has the highest surface quality. High early strength and high final strength versions are available.

Topflow is available with lower carbon savings, read more about our sustainable concrete here.

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