Repair / Cold Macadams

For the instant repair of potholes in roads, footpaths, driveways & car parks.

Ultipatch packed macadam range of asphalt repair is a HAPAS approved permanent cold-lay surfacing asphalt designed to be the perfect solution for pothole repairs in roads, footpaths, footways and cycle tracks. 


Product benefits

- Immediate return to traffic 
- HAPAS & BBA Approved 
- Perfect for utility reinstatement 
- For planned and reactive repairs

Ultipatch Viafix Quick offers extreme performance asphalt repair. Ready to use straight from the bag and provides long term re-instatement for all classes of road, including motorways. 

Ultipatch Sitemix offers permanent, onsite mixed repairs with no waste – you mix only what you need. 

The Ultipatch range of road and footpath packed asphalts consists of a high PSV 6mm aggregate and a specialist bitumen binder that has been formulated to give the ultimate performance in all weather conditions. 

Upon compaction the graded aggregate is designed to interlock and bind tightly together, which means no further curing time is required and the repair instantly trafficable.