High in nutrients and organic matter


High in nutrients and organic matter, topsoil will help your garden flourish.

Manufactured for general landscaping applications such as shrub, tree and vegetable planting or turfing. Our topsoils are supplied nationally and responsibly sourced.

Topsoil and subsoil can be matched to local conditions or, if those conditions aren’t suited to what you want to achieve, our team of experts can help you to change them.

For seeding and turfing you need to maximise moisture at the top levels; for deeper planting, you’re looking for a controlled flow of moisture into the underlying drainage; for delicate seeding and bedding, it’s about getting the right chemical and mineral balance for effective growth.

Whatever the planting or application, Topscape’s range of topsoil provides the perfect growing medium.


Where can Topsoil be used?

Product certification

A range of blended topsoil that is tested to British Standard BS3882:2015. Topscape topsoil can also be supplied with CLEA certification.

Horticultural uses

Topsoil is perfect for horticultural uses.

Soil improver

Topsoil vastly improves soil quality.

Why use Topsoil?

Additional info

British Standard Topsoil - In order to offer plants, turf, and other vegetation the best opportunity to grow, the topsoil must comprise of a certified combination of minerals, nutrients, water, organic matter, air, and living organisms. As this mix can be hard to achieve naturally, the British Standard for Topsoil was introduced to ensure landscape architects, contractors, and specifiers have a ready-made point of reference to enable them to supply and spread a safe and tested product.

BS 3882: 2015 ensures that each certified topsoil mix contains the correct pH level, to determine the correct acid/alkaline balance; the ideal physical composition to help avoid compaction; the right electrical conductivity value; as well as the maximum level of stones or sharps permitted.

Topsoil manufacturers, including Tarmac Topscape solutions range, are also regularly tested in line with BS 3882: 2015 standards to ensure all products are suitable for the intended end uses. Whilst different geographic areas will each have a unique geological composition – some may contain more sand, limestone or chalk than others – BS-certified topsoil can be used for all general-purpose applications, such as lawns or communal grassed areas across the country. However, for a topsoil with a specific end-use, such as a low nutrient topsoil for a wild flower meadow, it is possible to offer bespoke topsoil mixing, in line with BS 3882: 2015.

Delivery and packaging


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Bulk bags of Topsoil


Nationwide network

UK Coverage

Tarmac is a national network of localised businesses, offering construction material supply. In addition, our building products division has a nationwide network of 19 production and distribution plants, including co-located plants with our internal quarries, which enables us to provide an efficient service across the UK.

Continual improvement

We are continually investing in new plant, manufacturing and bagging technology to ensure quality consistency and our commitment to the ‘Ultimate Manufacturing’ framework empowers us to deliver continuous operational improvement.

Promotional support

Marketing materials

Our products aren’t just easy to use, they’re easy to sell. We offer our stockists a full range of high impact support materials from point of sale materials, to yard banners and posters, not only that, our products are available in attractive, durable, rip resistant poly packaging. 

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We understand that web activity is more important than ever with many consumers now browsing your website before buying. We have a descriptive text for each of our product range, along with a library of images for you to upload to your website to enhance product listings.