Transacting with Tarmac

Most requirements from across the business are raised as requisitions, these are converted into purchase orders at our shared service centre in Solihull and issued to our supply chain.

Significant, non-contracted requirements are directed through Tarmac’s Buying Desk, based at Solihull. The Buying Desk is staffed by trained procurement professionals who go out to market and ensure that Tarmac obtains the best value, taking into account price, quality and timely delivery.


T-cards are purchase cards which are restricted so that they can only be used by selected, contracted suppliers. If trading on a T card with us, you’ll benefit from lower transaction costs - you don’t even need to send us an invoice.

Low value purchase cards (LVPC)

These are credit cards which have a relatively low spend limits and are used for smaller purchases. You will need to provide VAT compliant invoices when trading on LVPC. Both the T-Card and LVPC are provided by Mastercard.


Invoices submitted to Tarmac must include the following:

  • Please ensure that invoices are addressed to the correct legal entity (Tarmac Trading Limited, Tarmac Cement and Lime Limited, Tarmac Services Limited or Tarmac Building Products Limited)
  • Tarmac’s Purchase Order number
  • Invoice date and number
  • Supplier’s name and address
  • Description of the Goods and Services invoiced as detailed on the Purchase Order (if applicable)