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A sustainable built environment consists of buildings and infrastructure which have, through their design, considered their effect on the economy, the environment and society; and in response have been designed to mitigate these effects at every stage of their life. Our solution guides allow a broader understanding of a product's role within a built asset beyond just embodied and structural aspects. 


Our guides encompass all parts of our business including Aggregates and Asphalt, Building Products, Cement, Lime and Powders and Ready Mixed Concrete and wider aspects of sustainable construction such as whole building approaches and sustainability certification schemes. The guides provide an improved understanding of how products and solutions we produce can be used to deliver a better, more sustainable built environment.

Each guide is focused on a specific construction application, demonstrating the role it can play in delivering sustainability benefits to our customers. The guides detail how, through early project engagement, our customers can benefit from the expertise and improvements our solutions offer in production, in construction, in use and at end of design life.

Each Solution Guide has been based upon the trends and demands within the industry, responding to our customer requirements. If there are any specific solutions that you would like more information on or would like to explore in more detail contact us.

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At the UK home of F1 we piloted new innovation of contracting process, logistics planning, planing, material supply and surface paving.

Proven, the technologies are now being applied to our strategic road network.

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