Fast, efficient pothole repairs using fresh, site mixed asphalt

Oakham, Rutland



Rutland County Council


Tarmac Contracting

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Oakham, Rutland


April 2021

The challenge

As part of routine maintenance, pothole repairs were needed on a number of residential streets in Oakham, Rutland. It was important that work was completed quickly and efficiently with minimum disruption to local residents and road users.

The term maintenance team were also keen to optimise the quality of repairs, to make sure they lasted and avoid future maintenance requirements.

Instead of collecting hot mix asphalt from a plant or using a cold lay material, an innovative approach was chosen, using Tarmac’s ULTIPATCH SITEMIX asphalt, mixed on-location in an asphalt heater.

A new JCB Pothole Pro excavator-mounted planing machine would also be used as part of a trial. The machine is designed to crop the edges of the pothole and sweep out planings ready for the patch to be repaired.

Our solution

ULTIPATCH SITEMIX has been designed specifically to use in mobile asphalt heaters. It enables road maintenance teams to access exactly the right quantity of fresh hot mix asphalt wherever it is needed. This makes it ideal for minor road repairs.

As the asphalt is supplied directly from the asphalt heater it can be laid at optimal temperature for excellent workability and compaction. Using this approach helps maintenance teams to improve productivity and maximise the amount of work completed in a single day.

Using ULTIPATCH SITEMIX also has a number of sustainability benefits, eliminating material wastage and providing asphalt at the optimum temperature which improves the durability of repairs.

Results and benefits

As planned, around two tonnes of ULTIPATCH SITEMIX asphalt was supplied as a 100/150 pen AC 6 dense surface course and AC 10 close graded surface course material.

It was mixed on-site using a trailer-mounted asphalt heater and used at two different locations on neighbouring roads.

The Tarmac Highways Services team were able to complete the work quickly and efficiently moving from one location to the next, with the asphalt heater providing a steady supply of hot, site mixed asphalt.

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Additional info

Brian Murphy, Service Manager - THS Nottinghamshire & Rutland commented on how impressed he was with the efficiency and convenience of the process:

Using Ultipatch Sitemix has worked very well on our Rutland Term Contract as small deliveries of hot asphalt create too much lost travel and waiting time and wasted material. To be able to mix the required quantity on-site in a relatively short time just ticks so many boxes.”

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