Road Transport

Tarmac operates one of the largest HGV fleets in the UK which travels more than 50 million miles on public highways ever year.  We are committed to continually improving the environmental and safety performance of all our vehicles and operating responsibly.


From trialing and adopting the latest vehicles designs and technologies, to delivering industry leading driver training programmes and playing an active role in educating local communities, safety and sustainability are at the heart of our operations.


Working closely with vehicle manufacturers, we were the first to trial the Mercedes Benz Econic mixer design with enhanced field of vision and low entry cab. Current collaborations include a research and development partnership with Nottingham Trent University, looking at innovative technologies to enhance safety for vulnerable road users.


An ongoing community engagement programme has seen us deliver hundreds of road safety sessions in schools up and down the country, raising awareness of the importance of safety awareness of trucks among more than 3,000 pupils in 2019. 


The scale and agility of our fleet and our internal expertise means we’re able to provide the right planning and vehicles for projects of all sizes. 

We work closely with our rail team to deliver materials in the optimum way. 

Fleet technology

Moving floor trailer

Our moving floor vehicles offer both improved safety and environmental performance with their ability to offload material safely under overhead obstruction and restricted environments. With an increased carrying capacity compared to rigid trucks, using these vehicles results in fewer vehicles movements on a project, offering an improved carbon footprint.


This state of the art design is used in busy urban locations offering an enhanced field of vision for the driver. It features a panoramic windscreen and floor-to-ceiling doors, allowing drivers with improved visibility of cyclists particularly if they approach the nearside of the vehicle, a key blind spot in traditional-modelled vehicles.It also features a low-entry cab - with only two steps from the ground - which greatly reduces the risk of slipping, tripping and falling when leaving the vehicle.


Community and vulnerable road user safety

From industry-leading vehicle specifications to progressive driver training and community education and awareness events we actively promote road safety both in the construction industry and with local communities.

As the operator of one of the largest HGV fleets in the country we believe we have an important role in leading innovation and ongoing improvement in road safety.

We're proud to be a founding member and champion of the Construction Logistics and Cyclists Safety Standard (CLOCS) and member of the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) with all hauliers working with Tarmac holding a minimum of FORS Bronze accreditation.

Working with local police and cycling communities we are regularly involved in Exchanging Places events which provide the opportunity for people to sit in the cab of HGV vehicles as well as share experiences of being on the road.

We're also proud of our work with thousands of school children across the country providing live demonstrations and educational events which highlight the importance of safety around HGVs. If you're interested in finding out more about an event near you please get in touch

Our latest activity on road safety involves a partnership with Nottingham Trent University, creating a new national community safety programme as well as developing and trialling innovative new technologies to aid driver and road user awareness of hazards which will be launched in 2020

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