ULTIPAVE Single Layer

20mm asphalt for fast, single layer resurfacing


ULTIPAVE Single Layer is a 20mm asphalt for fast single layer resurfacing.

When busy roads need to be resurfaced, time is critical. Dual layer reconstruction can mean prolonged road closures, while unexpected sub surface conditions can lead to further delays and mounting costs.

In recognition of this, Tarmac has developed ULTIPAVE SINGLE LAYER, a versatile 20mm SMA based asphalt, designed to replace surface and regulating or binder courses in a single pass. This can reduce overall project costs, as well as project delivery times and also minimise disruption for road users. It has excellent load bearing capability and maintains its surface texture even on heavily trafficked routes. This makes it suitable for resurfacing all types of roads, from motorways and trunk roads to rural roads and residential streets.

ULTIPAVE SINGLE LAYER is now supplied as a warm mix asphalt as standard, Tarmac's ULTILOW binder technology, for up to 15% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions. 

Where can ULTIPAVE Single Layer be used?

Single layer asphalt for motorways and roads

As a high performance 20mm single layer asphalt, ULTIPAVE SINGLE LAYER is the ideal choice for fast, long lasting resurfacing motorways, major roads, rural roads and housing estate roads.

Saving time on highway resurfacing

Reducing road closure and disruption for road users is a key priority for National Highways and local authorities. ULTIPAVE SINGLE LAYER is designed to replace surface and regulating or binder courses in a single pass which can significantly reduce programme times and costs.

Sustainable single layer asphalt for highways

ULTIPAVE SINGLE LAYER is supplied as a warm mix asphalt with ULTILOW binder technology, for lower carbon emissions and improved sustainability. Using a 20mm aggregate also reduces crushing waste during production and helps to conserve primary aggregates.

Why use ULTIPAVE Single Layer?

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*5 year guarantee potentially available through our accredited contractor scheme

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ULTIPAVE SINGLE LAYER allows for faster construction and improved finish. As well as saving time, single layer resurfacing has a number of advantages that help to improve the quality of the finished surface. The thicker layer improves heat retention during surfacing, which helps to maintain workability over a longer period which leads to better compaction and lower voids in the completed asphalt structure. It also provides greater resilience to adverse weather conditions during construction. In addition a single layer approach eliminates the need for bond coat application between layers, thereby saving time and associated bond coat costs, as well as removing potential issues with later life delamination between layers. Use on the UK’s Strategic Road Network has proven that ULTIPAVE SINGLE LAYER can match the long term performance of conventional multi layer resurfacing, while delivering impressive savings in time and cost.

ULTIPAVE SINGLE LAYER gives ultimate flexibility. As urban road networks evolve to meet the growing demands of higher traffic volumes, existing sub-layers often prove to be inadequate. Where dual-layer reconstruction is required, it can be time consuming and expensive, leading to significant delays and rising costs.

The properties in ULTIPAVE SINGLE LAYER allows reconstruction to be completed within a similar timescale to simple replacement of the surface course.

Using ULTIPAVE SINGLE LAYER also saves time when carrying out carriageway repairs by replacing a conventional regulating layer and thin surface course in a single pass. This means that where time constraints are a key issue, programmes can remain on schedule or be reduced.

ULTIPAVE SINGLE LAYER is a versatile 20mm SMA based asphalt with 40/60 pen binder designed for deeper single layer road reconstruction. It is BBA approved for use between 50-75mm, but can be used at depths of up to 100mm while maintaining workability and achieving high density and compaction in the finished course.

The enhanced stiffness of ULTIPAVE SINGLE LAYER compared to a conventional binder course / thin surface course approach, provides excellent load bearing capability and deformation resistance even on heavily trafficked routes.

These characteristics make ULTIPAVE Single Layer a highly versatile solution, suitable for resurfacing a wide range of roads from motorways and trunk roads to rural roads and residential streets.

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