Heavy Duty Pavements

Pavements designed to perform - extreme situations, 24/7 access, heavy load stresses.

Heavy duty and specialist pavement solutions are designed to carry heavy vehicles with large wheel loads. The European Asphalt Pavement Association defines heavy duty pavements as being suitable to carry static loads of over approximately 1 N/mm2 (145 psi). Typical applications are railway freight yards, distribution centres, plant yards and haul roads. 

Typically installed as pavement structures that are subjected to severe loading conditions or high stresses, heavy duty roads also offer the perfect solution to pavements that carry large numbers of repetitions of heavy vehicles such as those in ports and airfield freight centres.

Roller compacted

Tarmac Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) is a durable and fast construction solution for heavy duty pavements.   

RCC gets its name from the method of construction used to place the material. Just like asphalt, it is laid by paver and then roller compacted. 

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HBMs (hydraulically bound material) of are a mixture of aggregate with a binder that sets through hydraulic action. The traditional HBM in the UK is CBM (cement bound macadam). This is now more commonly known as CBGM (Cement Bound Granular Mixture).

CBGM is a cost-effective way to build a heavy duty, durable pavement – fast.

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ULTICRETE is a heavy duty, grouted asphalt. It offers outstanding resistance to deformation and delivers lasting performance in the most extreme environments including aircraft refuelling areas, container ports and distribution centres. 

It offers short programme completion times open - pedestrians 7 hours, light vehicles 24 hours, heavy vehicles after 48 hours. 

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Foam mix asphalt

ULTIFOAM is designed to eliminate waste and minimise environmental impact.

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Case studies

Dawson’s Wharf, Tyne Tees

This busy specialist freight logistics facility needed to replace cracked and worn warehouse floors. A traditional full removal and replacement was prohibitive due to cost of work and disruption to services. Ulticrete’s fast installation and trafficking to all vehicles after just 48 hours offered the perfect solution. 

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RAF Waddington, CBGM

The 2.7km long runway at this RAF base near Lincoln required full depth reconstruction as part of a £35 million project. The finished surface would need to withstand long term use by a wide range of military aircraft weighing up to 150 tonnes. Building the new runway would require large volumes of asphalt and generate thousands of tonnes of asphalt planings. Despite this client wanted to minimise impact on the environment and local people as much as possible, which meant minimising waste and local site traffic. 

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Wirtgen, Newark UK, Roller Compacted Concrete 

In 2018, RCC pavement was used for the new £9.2m Wirtgen UK, head office and plant depot near Newark, Nottinghamshire. 14,000m2 of roller compacted concrete was laid in just two weeks. Tarmac RCC provided cost savings, low risk and whole life performance, as well as a short construction period. 

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