Dry Silo Mortar

TRUSPREAD instant workable mortar


Truspread dry silo mortar is the ideal solution for housing and commercial applications alike, where quality, consistency and convenience are essential. At the press of a button the dry pre-blended mortar is mixed with water delivering instant, workable mortar with the same consistency over and over again

Tarmac DSM mortars are a range of factory produced mortars, manufactured under computer controlled conditions. The constituents are dried fine aggregate (sand), cementitious materials and admixtures, plus, if required, pigments. Delivered direct to site in state- of-the art silos, each complete with an integral mixing unit. Once power and water have been connected, mortar can be produced at a touch of a button. The mix consistency can easily be adjusted by the site operative in order to cater for the many varied types of masonry units, from dense concrete blocks to high suction bricks as well as prevailing weather conditions.

Tarmac Dry Silo Mortar is air entrained which makes it less susceptible to freeze thaw attack. The admixture used to entrain air is chloride-free and therefore not aggressive towards embedded metals.


Where can Dry Silo Mortar be used?


Supplied in tanker loads of 28 tons – suitable for use with all popular masonry units.


Why use Dry Silo Mortar?

Why Add Lime?

Lime-based mortar creates a better bond between bricks and blocks, leading to more durable longer-lasting buildings.  With added benefits including improved flexibility and breathability of mortar, and with up to 15% increased yield, there are cost savings to be made in both materials and labour. Lime is paramount in our Truspread formulation – achieve more with less material.

Colours Available

With a history in coloured mortar dating back to the 1930's and a choice of more than 50 colour shades, our recognised 'Y' reference colours are factory produced to ensure colour consistency batch after batch.

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